To all the Reality Shifters out there

What is a Reality Shifter?

It is someone who has understood the principle of manifestations. How we attract circumstances into our lives, even the unwanted ones, and how to change the reality around us. Every human being has been given this creative power, but only very few of us use it.

One of the best ways to experience more reality shifts in one’s life is to pay more attention to one’s inner dreams so that they manifest in our life. Anything is possible. What we can imagine we can make real.

This blog about the End of Times must be understood in the correct way. Many of us Reality Shifters have awoken early, therefore, we understand the goings on in this world and see past illusions that have been skillfully and arduously put in placed over a hundred years ago.
Many generations have gotten used to lies and deception, so most of us still think it’s normal to live in lack. It’s NOT!
Reality shifters are on this planet to help people awaken and to guide them, to protect them and share their wisdom.
This wisdom isn’t always what people will want to read or hear, therefore to read the truth about what has been hidden for millions of years through storytelling, will prepare my readers to become reality shifters.

What has been told by mainstream media around the globe has been riddled with lies to keep the human population unaware of things that are going on behind the scenes.
Great changes are happening all around the world and the reality shifters are helping, and fighting to keep the darkness at bay and the light appears to be winning.
Awakening is all about expanding our knowledge and stretching our mind and beliefs that life will be changing very soon.
I will never give out dates because TIME is a fabrication of the mind, but I will share with you that it’s my guess that by 2020 the world you see around you and know will be forever changed for the better.

The novel: Reality Shifters storyline
Ingrid’s world turns upside down when text appears on her blank computer screen interacting with her daydreaming mind. Who is warning her about the spreading of lies and deceit through the global mainstream media? Who is telepathically reading her mind?
Ingrid connects with like-minded Souls when she participates in decoding workshops in order to become reality shifters. Over a period of twelve weeks the participants learn to live in two separate realities at a time when censorship, prosecutions and blatant lies about almost every known topic are spreading around the world.
Through Ingrid’s abduction, she learns to transport into a new world while facing the prime evil that threatens the life of her unborn child. Her past life dreams are preparations for a union she had never thought possible.
The Reality Shifters blends a visionary story with inspiration and thought-provoking messages, inviting the reader to enter the fifth dimension through a unified field where separateness is an illusion.

On the 18th of May 2018 ( Nadine’s birthday) the e-book version of this novel will be a free download for ONE DAY!
Keep a watch on this blog, her Facebook pages or on other social networks for the free download link.



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