What Is Visionary Fiction?

Visionary Fiction embraces spiritual and esoteric wisdom, often from ancient sources, and makes it relevant for our modern life. These gems of wisdom are brought forth in story form and in a way that readers can experience the wisdom from within themselves. It emphasizes the future and envisions humanity’s transition into evolved consciousness. While there is a strong theme, it in no way proselytizes or preaches.

Visionary is a tone as well as a genre. The ‘visionary’ element can technically be present in any genre and set in any time.

Characteristic Features of  Visionary Fiction:

  • Growth of consciousness is the central theme of the story and drives the protagonist, and/or other important characters.
  • Oftentimes uses reincarnation, dreams, visions, paranormal,  psychic abilities, and other metaphysical plot devices
  • Is universal in its worldview and scope

So in short, the emphasis is on our limitless human potential, where transformation and evolution are entirely possible.

“Visionary Fiction speaks the language of the soul. It offers a vision of humanity as we dream it could be.   Jodine Turner

I could not said it better than Jodine

This it the blog’s address

2 thoughts on “What Is Visionary Fiction?

  1. Nadine,
    I’m so glad you align with what the Visionary Fiction Alliance created as the definition of this genre, as posted on your blog….and that you liked my quote! We have worked hard and passionately to create the new blog, which will go official on the new moon of August 17th. Welcome aboard!
    ~Jodine Turner

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